Text version of Scrivener tutorial and Scrivener's compatibility with graphs and illustrations

I was getting along fine with the tutorial but before I’d finished, I had to move offices, and thus closed my desktop etc. Going back in, all I can see is cork board (I’d got as far as Research).

Where’s the text that talked me through the tutorial gone?!

And secondly: right now, what I want to use it for is as an editing tool for two short-ish publications that will contain text, graphs, and photos/other images. I noticed a warning came up about graphs and images.

Is Scrivener suitable for what I’m working on at the moment?

Basically, I have a number of documents that I’d like to upload/copy/transfer into Scrivener; I’d like to organize them into a narrative; this will runs alongside images; I need to indicate where those will be, but I don’t necessarily have to lay them out (I can pass that onto a graphics designer for layout).

pull down Help>Interactive Tutorial menu!

select upper left tool (choose what to hide or show) and select ‘show binder’