Text wide of a document

I was wondering how to adjust the right side of a text document. I imported a text file of one how my favorite stories but the text block is from the left to almost the half of the page. How can I make the text normal? I already tried removing or dragging tabstops, but the text doesn’t react on it.

This is common with Word imports, I don’t know why. You need to select all of the text and drag the right-most downward-pointing arrow in the ruler, which is the tail indent. That should do it.
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I tried, but I can only make it smaller while pulling it to the left, not wider by pulling it to the right.

Did you specifically select all the text before adjusting the tabs? If so, and it still doesn’t work, have you checked to make sure there aren’t carriage returns at the end of each line?

yes I selected all the text. I am able to get the text wide by back spacing every single line, that would be a lot of work though. I don’t know if it is possible to turn on the text code somewhere so I cansee all the formats, but when it is like that, is there a way to remove all the returns or maybe do a find and replace on it?

I found a way to do it. I copied and past the text into Word, did a search on the returncode, and replaced it with nothing. After that, i copied and past it again back to Scrivener. Everything is normalnow.


So it was down to carriage returns. In Scrivener, you can enter a carriage return into the find/replace box by pressing alt-return.

This sure doesn’t work for me. Is there anything I might have turned on or off somewhere that could cause the problem.

And is there somewhere in the help file which lists all the abbs for LFs, CRs, etc.?

The alt-return thing in fields that would otherwise interpret the return key as an “OK click” is system-wide, not Scriv-specific. Does it work for you in, say, the Find panel of TextEdit?