Text will keep appearing selected by no reason

I don’t know if this started happening when I updated to, but recently I’ve noted that when I select a document in the Binder, it shows some of the text in the document itself as selected, always from the start of that document. It may be a few lines or several lines, sometimes nothing selected at all (the least of times). The way to deselect it, it’s simply touching any part of the text with the pointer, as usual. But if I close Scrivener and I open the project again, this happens again and again.

It’s not a bad thing in terms of functionality, but it’s really annoying. Some light on this?

Hmm. I’ve noticed that Scrivener, unlike many programs, retains the selected state of text even after I’ve done work in other documents, even many other documents. This can be either convenient or mildly annoying, depending on the circumstances. But I’d be surprised if it retained that selection after closing and restarting the program. And of course if you did not select the text in the first place, this would definitely be a bug.

Of course, the problem is that I didn’t select those texts. It happens over and over in most of the documents. I patiently deselected each one of them, saved the project, restarted it again and there are the selections again.

I initially thought that there may be some kind of related conditions, but no. Not a specific number of lines or characters, nothing related between those documents. It seems completely random. So, I believe it’s a bug. And it’s happening since, now I’m sure.

That’s one document. About 90% of the documents has the text selected that way. More or less lines and characters.

Btw, I’m using Windows 10 - 64 bits.

Clearly that is a bug then. Hopefully someone from technical support (or at least more knowledgeable than I) will come here with a suggestion.

It actually does that. Your cursor position and selection are saved as a part of the file’s meta-data and are as permanent as the document’s title.

Random selections are a known issue—typically they happen when the project has been edited on a Mac (and possible iOS) though, and that is a known bug that has been around for a long time.

But I am working with Scrivener since and that didn’t happen before And I’m only using Windows 10 64 bits.

As I said before, not affecting in functionality but it’s a little bit of annoying.

Sorry for the question but, is it valid if I create a new thread in Technical Support reffering this thread to call the attention of someone? Or do I have to repost there?

There is no need, you are already talking with us. :slight_smile: I am checking with someone that will know more about new bugs.

As I mentioned though there has been an issue with selection for a long time. That doesn’t mean you would have always seen it for years and years, you might have only just now started triggering conditions that would cause it to happen.

1.9.5 did change the way text selections are saved, so that the random selection issue Ioa described going between macOS or iOS and Windows would not occur; however, editing the project in 1.9.5 should have converted the existing selections to the new format so that they would continue visibly as they had been. Working only on Windows, there shouldn’t have been any offset selections at all, and definitely it should not be repeatedly occurring in the same document.

Is this occurring just in one project? If so, could you possibly send a zipped copy to windows.support AT literatureandlatte DOT com (Attn: Jennifer) so I can take a look at the project file? My best guess is that for some reason that has failed to update the version number, in which case, we may be able to just manually edit that and get it working for this project, and find a way to prevent this occurring for other projects.

Oh MimeticMouton, what you said gave me the clue. Yes, there was something in common to all the documents that were no selections: each one has been saved at least once after the conversion of the project in the new version. What I’m doing is a minimal change in every document, saving the project and voilá! No selections appear anymore.

Thanks for the help, everyone!

The selected text upon opening has been happening to me, too, even with NEW documents, created with the latest release Scrivener.

I thought originally that it was because I was going back and forth between the Linux Scrivener and the Windows Scrivener, but we just installed Scrivener with a brand-new download and upgrade to the latest release LAST NIGHT on Windows only, created a new document, and after closing and reopening, some of the text was selected. Again, this was a brand-new installation, on a new Windows machine, never touched Linux, and a brand-new document. So clearly there’s a bug in Scrivener itself.

Please someone fix this, as it’s not only annoying and gets in the way of working on the project (which has several months of work put into it, in my case), but it also could potentially delete some text accidentally, if not careful.

As for “doing a minimal change in every document”…waaaaaaaaaaaaay too time-consuming, in an extensive project like ours. This is not a workaround, it’s a nightmare, for us. This bug needs to be fixed ASAP. Thank you, L&L!! :slight_smile:

agoldenquill - I’m sorry you’re having some trouble. As I said in the earlier post, there shouldn’t be any visible difference with the selections on Windows-only project, so I would appreciate if you could send a zipped copy of the project demonstrating this to windows.support AT literatureandlatte DOT com for us to look at, and instructions on how to reproduce the problem. Thank you!

Thank you, Jennifer. I will send you a zip of the project and see if you can figure out what’s happening. It continues to occur and is a real pain.

I, like others, have used Scrivener for a number of years, mostly on Linux but now on Windows as well as Mac (just got my first Macbook Air :smiley: ). This never happened before. What’s baffling is that it happened with a brand-new, latest version install on a Windows machine, with a brand-new, newly created test project just to see if it would happen clean, no transferring from another machine. And it did. So it has nothing to do with updates or anything of the sort. Everything was latest version and a brand-new project: created, closed, and reopened to find the random highlights. Weird.