Text won't stay justified after export

My text doesn’t show up as justified–the right margin remains ragged. I am setting justify in the Compile formatting editor for the appropriate file Level, I have Override text and notes formatting checked. It shows up as justified in the formatting editor. Yet when I export and copy the file over to my ereader–it shows up on the ereader with the ragged right margin. That’s both for mobi and epub versions. For comparison, I exported to PDF and it’s the same issue. I’ve tried lots of ways to get through this around this over this, and I’m stumped! Thanks

You should be able to achieve justification for most formats. This is primarily done in the Formatting compile option pane (if the override formatting checkbox is enabled at the top of this pane). For each row in the top list that has “Text” checked off, verify the formatting in the mock editor below.

Now e-books are a special case, especially Mobi. We’ve been informed that Amazon has been more strict about rejecting books that specify a justification option. They want to keep that display value open to the reader’s preferences, even though to my knowledge only one reader even has an option to date.

I found that using the steps you mentioned below, that the justification didn’t “stick” and reverted to the ragged right margin once I did Export and viewed the ebook on either the preview app or an e-reader. I did notice that setting the justification in the Editor and then compiling and exporting without overriding the formatting did show justification in the end product but of course that presented other challenges of doing other formatting settings in the Editor for individual files and folders with no benefit of using the universal settings in Compile. BTW, this issue is for both .mobi and .epub exported files.

I am not seeing any irregularities with ePub. It should not (and does not in my case) matter if the formatting is coming from the editor or the compiler in any way, so if you’ve found a condition where that happens it would be nice to pin down the cause. My guess is that the actual text formatting settings were applied to the wrong type. For example, maybe you applied justification to folder text in the Formatting compile option pane, but not text items, and no folder items actually have book material saved within them. So it would be good to double-check any row in that Formatting pane list that has “Text” checked off in the right-hand column.

Another potential problem: all of your content is set to Compile As-Is. That setting is meant for special sections that have their own formatting, like title pages. If it is applied to the entire book than naturally the compile formatting will be powerless to do anything. However it doesn’t sound that is your problem since you did describe negative effects from switching format override off.

At any rate, like I say I’ve tested ePub files both ways, and I get a fully justified body text result in both, when previewed in Calibre, Adobe Digital Editions and Sigil. So obviously I’m missing some ingredient in the process, and I’m having a hard time thinking of anything that could be missing. This process should be very straight-forward.

Hi All,

I just posted a comment in another thread (‘Ragged right on compiled versions?’) on the same issue. Posting here as well to increase my chances of getting answers, since that thread is from 2012 and this is from 2013. Yikes!

I’m having the same problem. I’m using Scrivener for Windows. I compile a .MOBI file, send it to my Kindle, and when I open it, no full justification; it’s all ragged right. I’ve tried changing the alignment options in the Formatting settings in the Compile feature to no avail.

As far as I can tell, this is still an unsolved issue. Is it a bug in the program? Or is there a simple fix that someone PM’d to the OP? I’d love the info if it’s out there! Thanks in advance, everyone, for any help you can give.