Text Wrap issue: Sudden Fixed Width after Win->Mac transfer

In copied a Scriv file from the current 1.x Win build into my current 2.x Mac build of Scrivener.
Just drag-and-dropped the folder containing the files from the binder of the original Win project to the Mac project, which is essentially the same project at an earlier stage. (I have to transfer just the changed folders, not the whole project)

Now I get a fixed page width at 700px, though i had “fixed page width” disabled in Scriv Win.
I saw that suddenly, under Options, page width was activated and set to 700 px under Mac. Unticked it, no change, text still wraps at 700 px. It wasn’t ticked before.
Also, only the drag-dropped folder items are affected, not earlier folders and items that already existed in the Mac version of the project and haven’t been transferred.

Example pics: Compose mode at two different zoom settings.

At 300%:

At 200%:

is there a way to force “Fit to page” instead of Fixed Width in existing projects?

I’m not sure how you did that on a Mac, as it has no folder merging features like you describe in Finder, nor would a Scrivener project be treated as such. Given only this one problem acts oddly though, I wouldn’t myself spend much time trying to figure out. I would just copy it fully first, to see if the odd merging approach is the culprit. If not, then using the Ruler tool and Show Invisibles, as most premature line endings come from causes either of those tool will directly show: either as a right-indent applied to the whole text, or manually hard-wrapped lines with carriage returns (usually you see more of that coming from email).

interesting … while I checked all those invisible formatting stuffies, I didn’t check the actual line indent.
Which puts the bug there that through transferring the folder, Mac Scriv for some reason added the right-line indent. I’ll check the original, but there shouldn’t be any in the Win file.

BUT I now reset the indent to zero and even checked whether it was applied. Yes it was. YET the lines are still displayed with the same right indent.

Even so, this is just a For Your information. The fix itself is easy, just apply a non-indented preset to the text.

As for the transfer, I simply opened the Win Scriv source project with Mac Scriv, opened the target project with mac Scriv as well, and drag-dropped the folders from the Draft folder from the source project over to the target project. Worked like a charm (aside from that strange identing).

Thanks for your answer above!

Right indents can be a little tricky to spot some times. I prefer to use the Format ▸ Paragraph ▸ Tabs and Indents… tool, to ensure the right block indent is set to “0” (off). The little triangle thing on the ruler is not reliable as it gets drawn at the edge of the ruler in cases where there is no setting, and as well in cases where the setting is beyond the edge of the screen.

I see, I thought you were referring to Finder, okay that all sounds fine. That action wouldn’t change anything about the formatting by itself though. From what it sounds like, if there is a bug at all it’s in the old Windows version. So I wouldn’t spend too much time on trying to figure it out, unless you can reproduce the same problem in the beta version.