Text Wrap


I searched for this but didn’t find an answer. I’d imagine it’s simple.

I want to be able to change the text wrap to/from wrap to page or wrap to window.

Suggestions? Comments and other niceties are welcome.

thank you


There aren’t really “pages” in the sense that TextEdit presents them, but you can kind of simulate the feel of a page by going to Preferences in the General tab, and right in the middle you’ll see a setting for default width, and beside that, an option to use fixed width. Make sure the width is set to something reasonable (500 is the default), and then turn fixed width on. Now try resizing your Scrivener window until you can see the “paper” edge. As stated, it has absolutely no bearing on the actual print page, it is just a way of looking at your screen. Some like to see a simulated paper edge; it helps them think better. Personally, I like it on.

I like it on, too (which is why I implemented it). I like it on with the “paper” set to a yellowish colour, the text justified with a Century Schoolbook 14 point font (with a 0.53 cm first line indent) and with a 50 pixel left and right margin and a 20 pixel top and bottom margin. This makes my Scrivener screen look very close to a page from my old battered copy of Slaughterhouse Five, which gives me a warm feeling about my text. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tips. That’s what I was looking for.