Text wrapping behaviour

Would it be possible, at some point in the future, to have text wrapping behave like this:

  • if a fixed width was set, that worked while the editor window was bigger than that width.
  • when the editor window is narrower than the fixed width, text wraps to window

Because at the moment, I either have text wrapped to window, which is fine in split view but pretty darn wide when it’s just one editor; or I have it fixed width, which is fine with one editor, but when I split the editors, I lose the right hand side of my text, and annoying scrolliness gets involved.

Unless of course there’s some way of doing this already that I’ve missed…

This is actually how it already works - it was updated as of 2.1 to work like this.

All the best,

It’s like there’s some kind of hyper intelligent uber-being behind Scrivener…