Text zoom ignored when splitting editor

I recently started using Scrivener 2.5 for Mac. While going through the tutorial, I noticed what appears to be a bug. Due to my poor eyesight, I set my default text zoom to 175%, but noticed that when I split the editor (tutorial part 2.8), the new pane defaults to 100%. When a pane is split, you should either have the new pane open at the current pane’s zoom (my preference), or at the default zoom.

To repeat:

  1. Set your Default text zoom to something other than 100%.
  2. Open the tutorial.
  3. Select a text document (should display at your chosen zoom).
  4. Split the document pane.

New pane opens at 100% zoom. Oops!

The default zoom as set in the Preferences applies to newly-created projects. Existing projects (such as the tutorial) already have the zoom set, and each editor can have its zoom set independently. So this is not a bug but intended behaviour.