TextEdit and styles

I’m not convinced I’m doing anything more than sounding off here, but I can’t be the only one to find the way TextEdit handles styles weird, unfriendly and a complete pain in the arse.

To change a style you have to recreate it exactly, remember its exact name, choose ‘Other’ from the list, add a new style (not forgetting to tick the ‘include paragraph’ and ‘include character’ styles boxes. Uh? Can you have a style without either of those?), confirm you want to delete the old one, and then OK. And it doesn’t update the existing text in those styles. And you can’t delete old ones, can you? Or have I missed something? And then there’s not being able to assign keystrokes to them? Or have I missed that too?

For a company which usually gets usability so right, how did Apple get TextEdit’s styles so wrong?