Textexpander Bug

I use textpander (the older free version before Smile on my Mac bought it) and have a lot of snippets. When a snippet is used it deletes the previous letter. For example, I have “The Things They Carried” set up to appear if I type “TTTC,”(minus the quotes) in Scrivener if I type “in TTTC” it appears as “inThe Things They Carried”.

For the record, I use Textpander, the version before it became TextExpander, and I have no trouble with it in Scrivener.

I use Textpander and don’t have this problem. My best guess is that in your Textpander preferences you’re using “space” as a trigger and have “don’t append trigger” checked in Expansion Preferences.

Hope that helps. In any case, I’m almost certain this is not a Scrivener issue.


FYI, I only use \ as a trigger so that I can have very short --often 1 letter - abbreviations.

This is why I’ve started to religiously watch this forum. That’s a great tip.

Is this one resolved? I love it when that happens. :slight_smile:

Oops I just realized that the wording of my hint is based on TypeIt4Me prefs - ( I use both programs…don’t ask). Nonetheless the same principle applies. The TextExpander pref is called “Expand Abbreviations at delimeter (abandon delimeter)”.

BTW. the advantage of using \ slash as a delimeter is that it sits right above the return key. One of my main uses for this is to correctly place character names. At the end of a line of dialogue, by typing the first letter of the next character and , i get the return - with correct alignment and ruler settings, the character name and another return formatted for the next line of dialogue. (This is for U.S. format scripts- otherwise there’s a tab) Pretty handy and flow-supportive.


Back to this subject because I have a question for Eiron.

I’ve been using Textpander but I’m considering upgrading to either TextExpander or TypeIt4Me because I want to implement the unique delimiter character you suggested.

Question is, which of those two is better. The price is high, and I don’t want to end up with the wrong one. Mainly i use it for word completion – I do a hell of a lot of transcribing of interviews, and I need to cut down on the stress on the hands. So i use it to complete common words and need it to respond instantly. Which Textpander is good at, but I’m forced to use the space character as a delimiter, which means i can’t type “beg” for beginning because “beg” is a real word.

So, Eiron, because you use both, what are your thoughts?

Instead of messing with delimiters, I prefer instant matching with mixed case to create word starts that would not otherwise exist. I prefer to capitalise the second letter, so bEg would expand automatically to beginning. I think Textpander (the old free one), handles that setup just fine.

Ooooo. Interesting. I will try that. Thanks Amber.


Always two steps head of me Amber. I’ll give this a try. Though I think I’ll stick with my single letter shortcuts for Characters. Habit. Fortunately the two approaches can be combined.

TCole, I prefer the feel of typeIt4Me but the two programs are quite similar. Let me give this some thought and I’ll come up with a more useful answer.

b [/b]Frankly the differences are minor in recent versions. I Like the fact that typeIt4me has application specific settings and a more compact menu - but otherwise they’re now pretty equivalent. Textpander used to have a limited set of delimiters but they’ve caught up now. I don’t think you can go wrong with either app.

Hope that helps.