Textexpander or alternatives

I am in need of a text expander app. The best is Textexpander, but starting with version 4 you have to pay a montly (insane) fee. On the iTunes store there is listed the previous version which maybe more than enough (smilesoftware.com/textexpander-ios/apps)
Can you suggest alternatives for the iPad?

Emilio Speciale

For what it’s worth, I fiddled with this today and though the old version does work for unformatted text, I decided that the built-in IOS “Settings/Keyboards/Text Replacement” feature works well enough for my limited needs.

You can use TextExpander’s custom keyboard with Scrivener, but Scrivener doesn’t have built-in TextExpander support. The reason for this is the the TextExpander API doesn’t play well with rich text - it breaks Undo, among other things.

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aText is fantastic! I think it’s about $5


aText is not for the iPad: Or is it? I am looking for an iOs app.
Emilio Speciale