TextMate-style jump to a document in a QuickReference window

I often find myself needing a quick look at a previous scene or a note while in Composition Mode, with a few QuickReference windows already open. However, navigating to them or opening a new QR window kind of breaks the flow. Something that I would adore would be a keyboard shortcut similar to TextMate’s Command-T that allows quick navigation to a document via a regexp match, i.e. avoiding mouse-based navigation through the document hierarchy.

This would be useful both in the scenario mentioned above (a new QuickReference window in Composition Mode) or for the editor window in general.

Any thoughts?

Have you tried using the Edit/Find/Find Synopsis... menu command? This is a kind of Notational Velocity style interface, if you are familiar with that program, which lets you type in a part of the title or synopsis for an item. As you type, the list below the search field will dynamically produce results. Once you get close you can tab down into the list, use the arrow keys to select the item and then hit spacebar to open a QuickReference panel. This works in Composition as well as Full Screen mode.