Textual strangeness

Been enjoying a test drive with 2.0 this morning, but there is one curiosity: When I type, there is a lag of a second or so between the time when I hit the keys and the time when the words appear on the screen. IOW, if I type “Been enjoying” in a Scriv 2 file, the words are invisible until a noticeable moment after I have stopped, when, poof, the entire phrase appears.

It’s odd and appears to happen in projects that used a template and ones that I created without choosing any template.

Wondering what might be causing thing. Maybe I’ve done something wrong in pref settings?

Cheers (and congrats!)


Sorry, I see my problem. It has something to do with “Highlight the current line.” When I uncheck that I get normal behavior. Guess I messed up my highlight color somewhere else in prefs.

Apologies for the false alarm. Scriv 2 is great. I am not involved in NaNoWriMo, but I couldn’t wait another week to try it!



Strange - glad it’s got a definite cause though. I’m wondering if the highlight line feature is causing the slowdown or a corrupted preference, though. What happens if you trash your preferences file (~/Library/Preferences/com.literatureandlatte.scrivener2.plist) and try again?


Hmm. Will try that.

OK… let’s see what happens:

And the answer is… Problem gone. Text appears as soon as I type.

However, the 'highlight current line" color is the same as the background color of the page, so it doesn’t highlight. I just changed it to green. But now, that has no effect. The current line is not highlighted. This was not the behavior I had this morning, when ‘current line’ did go green when that preference was ticked. At the cost of not showing the current line typed text until I was on to a new line.

Hope this helps.



I see now I have confused Highlight Current Line from Full Screen with Highlight Current Line (not full screen), so, in fact, I can get ‘current line’ to highlight in non-full screen. Contrary to my previous. Sorry for my confusion (though I think it was somewhat abetted by having two ‘Highlight Current Line’ boxes to tick).

Anyway, bottom line is that a new pref file did make the delay go away.

Many thanks, Keith!


Great, glad it seems to be working okay. Preference files can do strange things sometimes…
All the best,