Textures and Backdrops

hi all,

Since Scrivener’s ability to assign textures to things like the text area, the page background, etcetera is already one of my absolute favorite features, I figured I’d make a suggestion on how to make it better:

I would allow the user to choose whether they want their selected image for the page (and fixed width) backgrounds to be either Tiled (like a texture), or Centered, or Stretched (like a wallpaper), with the paper texture always being tiled, like it is now. Further, if the user selected ‘Tiled,’ I would let them choose from between “from top left corner” or “from center.” Also, in my ideal world, there is another option — Gradient. This would let the user use a color gradient instead of a using texture or picture, and they could adjust a little dial widget to control the angle of the gradient, too.

No real purpose to this, of course; no big productivity-boosts to be gained from it; it’s just something to let us writers have even more fun with our Scrivener environment. Provided, of course, that the Apple drawing methods used to draw the textures, backgrounds, etc., actually allow for such shenanigans to go on. I don’t rightly know if they do or not. But anyway, it’s just one of those off-hand suggestions that I just thought I’d throw out there . . . not that I’m fooling myself into thinking “purdy graphics” are a real high thing on the dev’s priority list at the moment; I’m sure there’s more pressing stuff that needs coding. But hey, y’know.

All the best,
Andy H.

Some kind of “mirrored” would also be nice. Like my current background has the left hand wall of a tunnel on the left and…the same left hand wall of a tunnel to the right of my writing space. And I already sunk a lot of time into preventing it from tiling vertically so I’ve stopped here. But if even if I can’t get it to show me the right side of the tunnel (is there a way??), if it at least mirrored my image for the other side, it would look so much better and both sides would lead towards the page in the middle rather than one side kind of weirdly leading away from it. I feel like there are a lot of other image types too that would look better mirrored than tiled/repeated identically.

(Sorry, didn’t realize I’d resurrected quite so ancient a thread. Whoops! Just take it as a sign I’ve taken to heart the instruction to use the search function for others having raised the same issue and also that some options besides just “tile” would be appreciated if possible.)