Thank you for Scrivener and Scapple

Before I go to work after a long stint of not being able to, I just wanted to thank the LL team for Scrivener and Scapple. I’ve been a long time user of Scrivener and my life’s work would be unmanageable without it. Scapple, which I was finally able to purchase a few days ago (had used a trial version a couple of years ago and loved it) is, in my opinion, the best program for mind mapping. One particular novel that I have been working on for a while had been giving a bit of a headache until I remembered how useful Scapple was. So, I bought it. And, within a day, I had mapped said novel and FINALLY was able to see how it all will (most likely) play out.

Thank you!
North Carolina (soon to be, Missouri :slight_smile:

P.S: Um…with all that said. It would be awesome if there were other colors for the bubbles. If there are, then maybe I need to look through the manual again. I remember in the old version there were more options (for connecting bubbles and such) that didn’t seem to make it in the new version. This, of course, is NOT a hindrance to my project, just something that could be useful in the 13 book series that I’ve been working for too many years. lol.
I usually print out these mind maps and put them on my wall to create one VERY large linear map, then use highlighters to tell me which book is which. (It’s a time management thing, I suppose.) :wink: