Thank you for this product guys

So I don’t even know how to write this post without sounding like a shill “review” on Amazon, but honestly, I just discovered Scrivener and I am so thrilled that someone decided to make something like this that I just have to say thanks.

I’ve been using word processors pretty much since they began, and the worst thing about all of them is that they are geared towards writing business documents. Typewriters, at least, had no such bias, but just about any word processor requires you to make a custom manuscript template and they default to awful options for writers. Yeah, I’m looking at you MS Word.

I stopped writing a long time ago and just started again, and was thrilled to find that there was a word processor made especially for writers. I was expecting to install LibreOffice or something like that and then start working on manuscript templates, but then I came across Scrivener and tried it out.

I’m a computer programmer at my day job, so I realized right away what Scrivener was. It’s not a word processor, it’s an IDE for writing! An IDE is an application that programmers use to write software (Integrated Development Environment), and IDEs on one level pull together resources from a bunch of related files to “compile” a finished program.

That’s exactly what Scrivener does! It provides a complete work environment, and allows you to easily edit, rearrange, and re-compile at will. And you can write on the screen in lime green Comic Sans while still compiling a manuscript in perfect submission format :slight_smile:

So anyway, I’m a bit tickled to find something like this, especially since it gives me a writing tool that is so similar to what I use at my day job for programming. I’m glad that someone made something like this, it’s the most writer-friendly product I’ve used since the IBM Selectric II.

Also, enjoy the compliments while they last, I just started using Scrivener and I’ll likely be along with complaints soon enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Pelikan.

Fellow customer here. Welcome to the forums, and to Scrivener.

I’m an ex-coder, and when I discovered Scrivener a few years ago I felt very similar to you. I think you’re really going to enjoy it.

Be sure to go through the tutorial, And if you read nothing else in the manual, read the section 6.11 on Backing Up Your Work.

If you just bought a Win 1.9 license, when the major upgrade Scrivener v3 is released, you’ll get it for free.

Let us know if you have any questions,

Well not really. On occasion I look at a bunch of stuff I’ve accumulated and think "What am I going to do with this? How can I organize it?"

So, I use another L&L product called Scrapple to help me move the basic points around until some kind of outline appears. Scrapple is like the bulletin board view, but without the grid structure and with the ability to make lines between items and move them around freeform.

Pelikan says that normal Word Processors are for writing business documents. Actually, Scrivener is better at writing business documents as well, at least for a first draft.
You can set a target number of words for each section (little target icon bottom right), just as you often need to in a business document, and then see progress towards that target as you write.