Thank you, KB!! (And yes, Scrivener)


Just wanted to take a moment off and tell KB and the developers of Scrivener a BIG, BIG thanks!

As you know, I write adult fiction and while it is indeed looked down by many, it may surprise many that I am a normal human being – and that vices of authors of normal genres also applies to me.

And thus, in a moment of red mist, I deleted my latest .SCRIV project.

No accidentally. Fully in control, with a clear, lucid mind. I cannot tell you how good it felt. The satisfaction of dragging it to the trash. Then clearing the trash. Ah, bliss!

But that was that. Three days passed, and I panicked. I had a deadline – the non-negotiable, hard kind, for a submission.

And I was ruing that moment of anger, and wondering if I was not the fool for having deleted all this stuff. Also, having made a move from windows to Mac, it was quite tough to find and run the “UNDELETE” applications, that you see so proliferated in the Windows world.

Surprisingly, Scrivener itself helped me!

All I had to do, was go to the MENUS and the OPTIONS and understand that Scrivener takes Automatic backups! Oh my God! This was wonderful.

I opened the backup folder hesitantly (and, I’ll admit, after a short prayer) and Lo! there it was. Not only my latest, but the last 5 versions too!

I have to admit – I really felt like flying to where ever KB lives and giving him a big kiss!! (my missus permitting, of course.)

KB, if you are reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Scrivener is THE BEST!

Regards – Zubin Garda

Hi Zubin,

Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad Scrivener helped you retrieve your project after you had second thoughts about deleting it.

Perhaps instead of kissing me, you could name one of the Lotharios in a future work “Keith”, though? You have to admit, it’s the sort of name for her that is bound to sell millions of adult fiction books. Fifty Shades of Grey would have sold tonnes more had the swarthy antagonist been called Keith.

Okay, maybe not…

All the best,

Well, not if she uses the diminutive form of your name. But if she were to use the proper version–Keithario–then I think the story will be a hit.

Psst, I believe Zubin is a he. :slight_smile: