Thank You Keith

I just wanted to take a moment and say something. THANK YOU, Keith, for giving us so many options to customize the way Scrivener looks and feels, with so many various options for its user interface, appearance, fonts, and backgrounds and so forth. Most software doesn’t do that; what you get when you open the program is what you’re stuck with. Not so with Scrivener. I love the fact that I can have neat background images in my editors, that I can change the font in the Binder, and that I can have a neat background in Composition Mode. And I like that I can change little things, like having lines on the index cards or not, or lines in the Document Notes. I love that. It’s so great. So yeah, thank you for giving us these options, and I hope they never go away in future releases. Thanks.

+1, thanks

Thank you, glad you like it! And there are definitely no plans to remove that sort of customisation - I think it’s important for writers to be able to feel at home by setting it up as best suits them.

And happy New Year, by the way!

All the best,