Thank You Scrivener - My novel published!

A few years in the making, it would never have made it to print and Kindle without Scrivener.

“Time Flying,” by Dan Garmen.

Thank you!

Up to p55, the start of chapter 5, Time Passages, Id say it’s a few years well spent.

Intriguing, and not at all what I was expecting. There are a few typos, that need correcting. Apart from that, Congratulations! Kevin/Dan :wink:

Congratulations. Hope it sells well.

Did you enter the book for this year’s ABNA?



Congrats – looks like an interesting book, too!

It’s definitely that. I finished it last night. A lot of work and thought must have gone into it.
An intriguing concept, well handled.
I’d recommend downloading the e-book