Thank you so much!

I know I’m just echoing the sentiments of others up here. It’s been a long road and I’ve been lurking since I got my first iPad (1) years ago. I couldn’t sleep last night knowing that Scrivener was coming to my iPad in the morning. I’ve been up for an hour now (it’s 5:49AM, gawd) having fun making sure all my projects are in a solid state.

What a joy it is to have it on my iPad finally. I’m probably making too much of it but what the hell. It’s definitely in my top 10 days of 2016 so far–I know, I have ten?!

Thank you,


To Keith and all the team at L&L thank you, it is brilliant, better than what I hoped for and I had high expectations, you’ve made me a very happy man.

Enjoy your champagne lunch

Have to agree with all sentiments.
It’s amazing seeing the full Binder structure, with icons and research, all intact. Synced very fast, even with my 8.2 GB of files (some of them have a lot of research and video included). This is great! Well worth the money, will make my life a LOT easier, thank you so much for all the hard efforts of the team! This is one of those pieces of ‘deal-breaker’ software, that can influence hardware purchases.
And only 7MB? I won’t think about the specifics of that, or I’ll get crazy.

Seconded. It has been a long time coming (and no doubt there will be some issues to address) but I have just installed the IOS version, moved my files around, edited and updated in both directions and it all looks brilliant. No excuses for us now!

I’m sure there will be thousands and thousands of downloads worldwide, and the effort will all have been worthwhile, so I suggest you take a well-deserved holiday…

Sidderke, that 7MB also has me gobsmacked. So much in so little space.

If L&L don’t get a ‘best in show’ from the App store it will be an injustice.

I can only send my congratulations, too. One less excuse for not writing. :slight_smile:

And I agree, the small size of the Scrivener app is amazing. I am used to watching the little circle fill up very slowly, and this just zipped around.

My best to Keith and the whole team.


Just downloaded it (iPad Mini 3) but I haven’t copied my Scrivener project from its main home (MacBook) to dropbox yet. Can’t wait to do that later this week and really get going! Thank you so much, Keith et al! This is going to be awesome :smiley:

Btw shout-out: Every project opens immediately on an iPad Air, which is still 2-3 year old hardware. Except 2 projects that are over 5GB each. These take 5-10 seconds. On older hardware. Really unbelievable. It seems Keith put the bar a lot higher than most developers and he succeeded admirably. I still can’t quite believe how cool it is having all of this work so effortlessly.

Thank you very much everyone!

I am like a kid in a candy store. Whilst I love my Mac version, I no longer lug my Macbook around and most of my writing has been out of the house. Up to now have been using IndexCard on my iPad, but despite the real efforts that both apps put into it, it was a frustrating experience and my writing trailed off.

This us the only piece of software for which I have ever stored an alert on my phone so I could download it as soon as is came out.

The interface is clean and easy to use. I’ve just spent a few hours getting my current project imported from IndexCard and will hold back on some of my initial comments (apart from the good ones - the others are minor things in any case) until I have fully understood how this exceptionally full-featured app really works.

Thank you so much. I won’t say the wait has not been frustrating, but it has been worth it :smiley: Congratulations

Yes I would like to add my thank you, well worth the wait and I now need to sit down and play with it. Grand Job :smiley:

Now I’ve spent some time playing with it I can only echo what others have said, Scriv for iOS is truly brilliant!! A clean interface and no problem opening stuff from DropBox and saving back. Only once did this fail and that was my own fault for not checking it had finished before I put the iPad to sleep.

Many congrats Keith, you deserve all the plaudits and more.

Many thanks again! Glad you’re liking the clean interface, too…

I’d like to add my thanks, too. From just playing about for a few minutes, I can see how much I’m going to be able to do, just on the iPad. Typically, getting my hands on it wasn’t easy as BT’s broadband network suffered an outage in many places across the UK, and didn’t get sorted until mid-morning.

Hope the support emails aren’t too overwhelming. I think you need a break, after finally managing to deliver a great app.

Ha, yes, there was a moment of panic this morning when I realised my BT Broadband was playing up and I needed to press the “Release” button.

Thanks for the kind words!

All the best,