Thank You

I am loving this software. I can’t afford a MACbook so I thought the best tools for writing were forever going to neglect me. I am pleased to see that is not the case. I have been messing around with the beta and other than an issue with importing webpages, I can find no fault. It has already helped me get past my writer’s block by helping me organize my thoughts. I can totally see it coming in handy when it comes to maintaining continuity throught a story. I can’t wait to get the production version. Anyone know how much it will cost?

Thanks for the feedback! I am glad to hear it is improving your workflow even as a beta. The production version will cost around $40 USD when it is released.

Totally agree. :exclamation:
To answer your question, says

"When Scrivener for Windows goes on sale early next year it will cost $40 for the regular licence and $35 for the education licence. "

Thanks guys. I was hoping that would be the case. Can’t wait for release. Will keep monkeying around with it for now though and see if I run in to anything you guys haven’t seen yet.