Thank you!

I’m a new Scrivener user who also just happens to be a programmer. I wanted to give a quick shout-out to whomever decided to include a real RegEx option in the Project Search/Replace features. Awesome!

Have you seen what Microsoft Word considers a regular expression? Ha!

Glad you like it! That would be Keith, who does everything on the Mac side. You can also use it in regular document Find, and when compiling, as Replacements. Now the latter is where it gets really fun, as that basically means you can pipe your material through various automatic regular expressions whenever you export. I use it for expanding personal pseudo-syntax into more complex forms (I primarily use LaTeX when I need stuff to look nice) to cut down on typing and eyesores in the editor.

I once took a look at Word’s search syntax and just sighed. Why go through all that trouble to reinvent the wheel badly… oh right. Microsoft. :wink: