Thank you

Hello, I just bought scrivener and i must say thank you. i had originally planned to use the trial for a few days then try other programs before deciding which to buy. Scrivener, however, is all that i need and much more. Scrivener is the single most impressive program i have ever used. Simple, Yet powerful. People like myself who do not think in a linear fashion need Scrivener! Other tools promise lots of features and “wizard” like interfaces to guide users through the writing process. I prefer simple and customizable. So thank you. Now i can start writing my bestseller! :wink:

Wow… Thank you very much for such kind words! Much appreciated. Thanks for buying, and I hope it continues to be just as useful to you.
All the best,

Hi Keith,

Just got to thinking how useful it would be to ask people how they heard of Scrivener. What made them try it out?

It would help to direct some focused marketing resources at proven but still sleepy markets.



I found Scrivener while researching Storymill. I heard about Storymill from one of those “top mac apps” sites that have flooded the net.