Thank You!

When I ran system 10.3, I was so frustrated that I couldn’t run Scrivener. I saw the screenshots—saw the index card functionality—and ground my teeth in frustration. Then, after blogging this-program-looks-like-it-would-help-but-I-can’t-try-it-myself, I forgot about it.

Over a year later, I updated my system to 10.5. A few months after that, I was poking through my poor old neglected blog and found that post, and realized I could try Scrivener now.

You know what fully sold me on trying it? Not the index cards. Not the PDF-and-QuickTime-compatible research folder. Not the labels. Not the summaries or drag-drop organization. Not the split view. Not even the autosave or wide range of export capabilities.

Nope, it was the RTFD compatibility of my files if something goes wrong.

Those other things are reasons I continue using Scrivener, though. It’s making it so much easier to write! If a scene’s in the wrong place, just drag and drop—no awkward cutting and scrolling down to paste. Lovely!

Now, I’m on a second 30-day trial (because it reset the trial when it updated to Scrivener 1.5). I had planned to buy the program two weeks ago when the original trial would’ve run out, but then I had a sudden thing come up where I’m going to need surgery next Friday. So that, with its many unexpected bills all at once, shot that plan out of the water.

Scrivener’s still top of my list to get when this bill fest is over, though. Thanks for making it!


P.S. (I shared all that info because I thought it might make more interesting reading than “I luv ur program! Thx!!!” And I thought you might like an explanation of why, if I like it so much, I haven’t actually paid for it, yet.)

Hi Dee,

Many thanks for your kind words; I’m glad you’re liking Scrivener so far. I hope your surgery goes well next Friday.

All the best,