Thank you

My first ever nano completed, today, with just over the 50k. Hey my first ever story with more than 1k words !!!

An excellent way to write a long piece of work - such is the ability to develop every bit of it in a logical modular form.

I made sure I saved in project form each day, and also in rtf form - both went flawlessly (me hopes) - copying between PC and laptop via a flash: hence always having 3 copies (just in case… :mrgreen: ).

Without this I doubt I would have been able to stick with the task to reach 50k - and to achieve that well within the deadline is wonderful…

Thanks for its help - I shall certainly purchase the complete version…

ROCK ON :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations! :slight_smile: Are you going to spend the last week revising, adding more material, or crashed under a table at the local dive?


I cannot possibly comment !

Congratulations! :smiley:
If I were you I would certainly be under the table.

After a couple of days serious editing, I added a further 1500 words and have submitted it to NaNo satisfactorily.

Looks like I’ll have to leave the compile stage until the next beta stage; no matter what settings I try to force on the completed work, only PDF compile takes any notice of the requests.

Slainte :mrgreen: