Thanks again

Hey, I have told you before but just wanted to say again - Thanks! What a great program. I guess the little bitty item that prompted this note is the auto-save feature. I can’t believe how much I appreciate this; when I get zoned out, off in the blue, I don’t go “oh, no, did I have that saved?” It just happens. When I first started using Scrivener and read about the features, I didn’t really think this was a big deal, but it is one of those little big deals that shows the care and thoughtfulness by the builder. That would be you! Thanks.
dave scott
Terre Haute Indiana USA

Also, having easy access to the trash. This saved me a few days ago when I thought I deleted a duplicate note but it was the only note. And I was like, oh …, but down to the trash and restored. Oh, yeah!


Thanks! Glad Scrivener is still proving useful and that the autosave feature makes things less stressful.

Hope you’re enjoying the holidays (assuming it’s applicable),

Thanks again and all the best,

I just got back to writing (actually rewriting) my novel after the Christmas break and once again I’m filled with gratitude for Scrivener. It’s just an amazing organizational tool, so user friendly and versatile. I cannot imagine working with a 70,000 word plus document without it (as my friends on Windows have to). It’s the best investment in writing I’ve ever made and I thank you (mentally) every time I log on.

Rita :smiley: