Thanks, and one more thing...


I’m not professionnal writer, but i like to write some stories, and after trying some basic software i finally tried scrivener. For the basic use, it was just what i wanted. It was really making sense to me and helped me organize my thoughts and see how i am going to structure a longer story than all the previous i writed.

So, really, Thanks for that Software. I may be just a basic user, i may not use all the features, but i really enjoy it.

Finally, I would like to ask same question as lot of people there: any news for iPad?

I recently stopped using macbook+imac and switch to ipad+imac, and i finally got a keyboard that fits my use. So, I know i may not be an advanced user, i am very interested in beta testing it if possible or know news about that :slight_smile:

Thanks again


Thanks for trying Scrivener, and for the kind words!

The iPad version is coming along nicely, but won’t be ready until the first quarter of next year sometime. I have it running on my iPad and at this stage it can open projects and manipulate them using a corkboard or outliner, and we have all the navigation working nicely, so now the main things left are getting the rich text editor finished and really getting syncing working properly. Then it will be hammering out kinks and adding all the smaller features and commands that users will expect.

All the best,

Thanks a loooot :slight_smile:

this seems not so far so i’ll wait (i wish i comes fast), but remember if you need some more testers, I’m there ^^

Keep up good work!

When I’m waiting for something to happen that is a few months off, I sleep 12 hours a day instead of six and suddenly it comes twice as fast. Works great! :wink:

Eheh. thanks for the tip AmberV, i wish i could :wink: