Thanks, bullets / lists and key bindings.

Please note: I love your hard work and this beautiful program! I have already written in several times to say thank you, but I’ll say it again here. :mrgreen:

I’m very happy using dark themes on my Scrivener 3 beta, so it’s taking over again from Notepad++ which I used to use to make my screen work a little lighter on my eyes. I’m even more chuffed that I can now open multiple documents to view while working - the Quick Reference button. Seriously, this is game changing stuff. I had to refer to multiple documents in other software before just so I could scan between all the relevant notes. Now I can consolidate all of that into Scrivener. It’s a really appreciated feature.

With that said, as a hopeful aside if you’re reading:

I imagine that better behaved bullet points would be make your software more ideal for all sorts of project management, whether it’s to do lists or better separating out key information. You know, for when you’re trying to not make information look overwhelming to your future self whenever you eventually come back to it. I don’t want to come back to a wall of text. That would just bring up great feelings of shame and inadequacy. :blush:

Being able to just hit tab to make bullet points step in like in MS Word would be a huge step, but I imagine not as easy as it might sound. One type of list bullet doesn’t easily swap out for another (if they did, I could make indented lists much more easily). Indents don’t always go where you expect. When you copy and paste something into a bullet, it often doesn’t place it into that bullet even if you’re telling it to ignore formatting - instead it pastes it on a new line. This behavior is somewhat unpredictable. There’s also no keybinding that can be set for bullets.

Additionally, currently it takes me far too long to sort out a list of indented items where a few tabs would work in Notepad++. This could be mitigated with functioning key bindings - I’ve filed this part under bug reports as I’m pretty sure it’s an error rather than intentional. Functioning key bindings for moving paragraphs quickly would also make bullet points a little less necessary for lists.

Key bindings are very important, you know. Having to move my hands off my keyboard to my mouse is just an opportunity to go and click on something besides my work! :unamused: Save me from myself!

On the upside, the software does look like after re-opening a project it has properly retained formatting for indented bullet points, so the sub-lists I’ve made remain intact even if a little awkward to create via indent shifts, de-bulleting and re-bulleting.

Anyway. Thank you again for your hard work. It is much appreciated.

Again, I’m so chuffed to have quick references and a dark theme to work with. It’ll be much easier to look at than this painful white text box that I’m typing into right now! I don’t know how everyone else does it. Oh, sunglasses. Right. 8)

Hi, not an expert on Scrivener or anything, but I find the feature works on Scrivener. Hit “Tab” and the bullet points goes in, also converts to a different style bullet to differentiate from main point > sub point.

I don’t know if it’s because you use a Windows platform. I use Mac.

Aye, that doesn’t work for me. I’m on Windows 10. I don’t remember it working on any previous version of Windows Scrivener though. Must be a Mac VS Windows thing then.

It’s one of the very few things that IMHO holds Scrivener half an inch back from perfection.

Wait, that’s a pun. Because an indent is half an inch. :smiley: Well, mine are, anyway.

Re: bulleted lists:

It worked with some wonkiness in 1.9.9 (sometimes a tab would move the bullet way left, past the margin, and the bullets themselves were huge). It stopped working for several of the betas.

In Windows Scriv, just downloaded today, it seems to almost work perfectly. The only problem I’ve come up with is that if I type some lines and then turn bullet points on and make my list, it

  • won’t stop bulleting–instead it moves the bullet to the left, past the left margin, and they can’t be gotten rid of, either by backspace, shift-tab, or clicking “none” in the bullet drop-down list; and

  • when I leave the document and come back to it, the lines I typed that had no bullets are now bulleted with the bullets on the far left as previously described.

So I’m elated that the problem has clearly been worked on, but sad that the feature is still unusable to me.

I only had the problem you describe with lists that existed from the previous beta. I removed all bullet points and replaced them with the new bullet points - which means they are a tiny bit indented by default compared to the old ones. Everything then behaves as you would expect.

Unfortunately, that is not my experience. I created a new test project and typed into the first document, and got the same results I did last time. I’ll post screenshots, one from before clicking away from the document in question, and one after clicking away and clicking back.

Before clicking away:

After clicking away:

Right, that is odd. I’ve tried re-creating your bug in a project my self following the steps apparent in your images but when I hit enter and backspace (or even if I hit shift-tab), it deletes the bullet point as expected. Are you having this problem in the release candidate too? If so maybe you should make a separate thread about it, they might not see your mention buried here under my blathering gratitude.

Yes, I just downloaded the release candidate and came up with the same problem. I will take your suggestion and start a new thread. Thanks.