Thanks, China!

Chinese Scientists Invent Electro-Abs For Women’s Chests’

Or, if you wanna go instead straight to the YouTube Video

Maybe Mark could translate. :smiley:

(Or maybe not).

Sorry, can’t help … YouTube is on the other side of the Great Firewall from here. Do I wish I could? Dunno.



:open_mouth: Merciless Mother of Lucifer!! :smiling_imp:
That reminds me of my ex-girlfriend, Lucinda Higs- Boson, the electro convulsive therapist. Ahhh :smiley: C’est la vie.
Le D :smiling_imp:

Lushinda Hips-Bosom, is it? :smiley: Does she tutor? I’m considering vocational retraining.

Miss cady,
I would counsel you against pursuing this line of enquiry any further.
Accounts of the liaison, between Le D, and Miss Higs-Boson, represent a low point (ethically and morally), in the Scrivener saga.
The young lady was struck off the medical register, for inappropriate use of ECT, primarily in her dealings with Le D.
She has since found religion, and enrolled in an obscure Sisterhood, about which, very little is known.
As much as it would delight Le D, stepping into Miss Higs-Boson’s shoes, is an avenue best left unexplored.
Take care
Dr Mulality

American Scientists already devised a device that gives similar results but is instant, more cost effective, and you don’t have to electromagnetize your bust.

Its called the “push up”

Oh Lord, I’ve just had an epiphany! :open_mouth:

Another option for push up bra would be … lor=Orange they even have padded bras now, very interesting :open_mouth: