Thanks for 3.1.4

Rather than bubbling up an old topic that appears fixed I created a new topic.

The update before 3.1.4 had broken underlining from ProWritingAid Everywhere. Which they do by, I suspect, hooking accessability features in window. Before losing the underlining it was often in the wrong place like a strike though in Scrivner. I know they said they had done as much as they could with Scrivener earler, that there were limits but they would keep looking at it.

Now as was pointed out, you do not guarantee compatibility with PWA. But some of us pointed out that having such a powerful writting tool “just work” inside Scrivener was a great value to your product.

Today the undlines are back and they are below the words. I know some of this is work you did as listed in the release notes. Thanks. My Scrivener feels much more powerful today :slight_smile:


Thanks for the kind words! The improvements to drawing boxes, bubbles and lines around text in general should be of benefit to everyone as well. There are still a few things we’d like to make better, but stuff like inline annotations and style highlights are no longer nearly as messy as they were when line-heights are taller.


I would like to echo wordjoy’s thanks for the recent update. Wow! The updated highlighting feature is such an asset–now highlighting just involves the words rather than including the spacing between the lines. Thanks Amber to you and L&L for these helpful updates. Scrivener is a terrific writing program.
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