Thanks for Forward/Back capabilities in the embedded browser

It’s on the right-click context menu as of a recent release. The browser now retains its cache. This is a beautiful thing. It’s a capability I’d really wanted but was hesitant to request because of what I recalled was a stated design choice against embedded browser improvements.

For the most productive enjoyment of this feature, I’d recommend that users make a new Document entry as “Dynamic Web” with a home page, and give it an ampersand name. If the name is &Web, for example, then “Alt-V G W” brings you directly to that page, and now you can right click to reach pages you’ve already been to, without the need to re-enter or reload. Note: a right click on images shows non-functional “Save” and “Open in New Window” prompts at the moment.

Again, thanks!


Thanks for that, Jerome! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve lost the toolbars by reflexively hitting Alt+Left Arrow. It’s a little clunky to have this on the right-click menu, but it’s there, and I’ll definitely be using it!