Thanks Scrivener, you saved my day !

One of my last project was to write an hybrid between an article and a full guide showing many different solutions. The article part was easy, but then the solutions had to be selected and classified according different criteria, and organized.

Since Scrivener has become my de-facto writing tool for large projects, I started dumping product sheets (PDF), other reviews (web pages) and adding contact informations and other bits of notes & ideas (RTF) in the Research binder.

Then I eventually started writing. I decided (and that proved to be a bright move !) to segment my writing way more than I usually do : the articles were broken down in small documents that each related to a specific kind of products. And each product description was its own document within the draft. For each, I would go in Scrivener’s Outliner view and tag it with what area this product covers, and other criteria.
I must admit I mostly did that to “play” a bit with Scrivener, although it also helped me to stay organized. But the best part was yet to come…

After sending the full draft (a single long Word document exported from Scrivener) to my customer, he decided that was all good and all, but maybe it would be better to present products according to a different classification…

Presto, I just had to get back to Scrivener’s Outliner view and drag around the lines representing each product, according to the tags I wrote earlier. That re-organized my whole draft in a couple minutes. I had an entirely different document in no time !

I had several other small adjustments to make in the same way, always in no time thanks to the way Scrivener allowed me to break down my work and to its Outliner view.

I’m afraid to imagine what “copy-paste” mess this would have been should I have wrote this in a traditional word processor !