So among writing short stories, this year I started my first novel that I post chapter by chapter on my website (writing is a passion, but sits second to my career for now). I learned quickly that a novel takes a lot more organization than a short story. As a windows user everything needed to be arranged in files and everything in the concept stage in a notebook. Then…
A few weeks ago I discovered the existence of software to help with the process and like a dog with a bone I began intensive research on the topic. I discovered that some software “helped” write the story, some organize, and some did a little of both. In my research I initially skipped over the Scrivener product…because it was a beta and as an impatient American I needed to “buy” something LOL. All told, I downloaded every demo on the market…every demo…I even purchased Writeway (great product, nothing bad to say about it). Something though was missing and it just didn’t “feel” right…it was the corkboard. I came back to Scrivener and compared it side by side with Liquid Binder (great product but one would wind up in organization paralysis), Writeway, WriteItNow4, and powerstructure. The rest I had already discounted because I want to write a story, not answer questions.

I state all this because this has got to be the single, best writing product on the market. Would I make some tweaks? Sure and they’d all be subjective and preference related. As is, the product is fantastic. I still have much to learn on maximizing its tools, but it is clear that the vision of the software, “to not get in the way of the writing” is being met. I have never been so eager to part with my money when the final version is released. So this is a very long version of “thank you” and “great job” and by way of suggestions…if (I havent researched it) there is a grammar add-on as Word has, it would round out the use of this software for the entire process. But until then, a final export is no real hassle.

Hi Raymond,

Thank you for the kind words! Hopefully as you get going more too you’ll find the forums here helpful in answering your questions–users are great at posting ideas and sharing tips with one another (thank you, forum members!), and of course your feedback and bug reports are welcome. There’s no grammar tool yet–that’s a huge undertaking and Lee would have to give up coding Scrivener entirely if he needed to go make his own grammar checker. Down the road, however, it may be possible to include something like this through plug-ins; we’ll just have to see!