That Cappuccino Feeling

I am not sure if it’s the first Russian novel written with Scrivener, but who knows - maybe it is!

Here’s my baby:

There will be two presentations of my book: 7th of June, Moscow International Open Book Festival (the biggest event for publishers and readers in Russia), 11th of June in Sankt-Petersburg. Please come if you happen to be there!

I bought Scrivener for Windows in the end of 2011, and am waiting for a new credit card (mine was stolen) to buy a Mac version. Such a useful piece of software! Thank you Keith & team!

Parf, congratulation!

The place in the cover image looks familiar to me. Do you know where it was shot?


Thanks Paolo! If I’m not mistaken it’s Montepulciano, Tuscany.

Afraid not Master Parf. Tolstoy wrote W&P with Scrivener Gold (beta) :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :blush: oops, sorry, [size=85]sorry[/size] [size=50]sorry[/size]

Congratulations, Master Parf, but what we need now, are details of where to obtain English translation of novel, or a good excerpt we can Google translate, so we can get some idea of what it’s about.

Young Master Paolo…'snot your backyard is it? :smiley:
Take care

Thank you very much, Parf. Yes, it might be Montepulciano (maybe not the civic centre, but one of the ‘borghi’ around it).

Fluff, no, it is not exactly my backyard, but not too far. I had a strong déjà-vu, as if I had been in that small street before. And it might be, or it may be I walked in one of the many similar places in this area.

As far as I know, Keith was consulting with his friend Lev while developing Scrivener. Actually, I heard it was Lev’s wife to ask for it, since she was going mad while keeping track of all the concurrent stories in his husband’s novel.


Congratulations! :smiley:

Oh yes, Sofia Andreevna not only made research and translations for him and rewrote his manuscripts by hand several times, but also gave birth to his 13 chidren…

My husband is supportive, too, and he translated this short press release into English:

We are delighted to announce that Nadya De Angelis’ new book “That Cappuccino Emotion” will be presented at the Moscow International Book Fair (the most important of its kind in the Russian Federation) on the 7th of June.

It is the story of a Russian woman who gives up a promising and rewarding career to marry an Italian man, eventually ending up living in a tiny mountain village in north western Italy. It is not easy to adapt to village life when the things that she considers essential such as a fast internet connection, an efficient central heating system, and a good cup of quality tea seem impossible to obtain. But the view from their garden is truly breathtaking, and her new neighbours, little old ladies who claim to be descendants of witches and sorcerers, bizarre bohemian artists, and the patients of a mental institution, make sure that there’s never a dull moment in her new life.

We see our heroine trying her best to adapt to the situation, but first of all she will have to defeat an enemy that seems invincible: Italian Bureaucracy. The battle will be a long and tough one, requiring the patience of an angel and a great sense of humour…

In this novel Russian readers will find a fascinating story, and a side of Italy which is hard to see from the window of a tourist coach.

The book presentation will be repeated in Saint Petersburg on the 11th of June.

Nadya De Angelis (Nadezda Moiseeva) is a writer, journalist and translator who has been living in the Italian village of Triora for 6 years. She has published tourist guides of Italy and the French Riviera. In Moscow she has worked as Editor-in-Chief of the popular science magazine Focus. She holds a PhD in Structural Linguistics. She acquired Italian citizenship in 2010.

And here’s a link for Paolo in Italian: … a49jGSSAuh

Many-many thanks!

I’m falling in love with Nadya, and her novel. Don’t tell her husband. :open_mouth: Will there be an English translation anytime soon. The novel sounds a fascinating read.

Nadya, the very best of Good Luck with, “That Cappuccino Emotion”s launch.

Thank you Vic for your support! Very important event in my life, indeed. Not sure about English translation, but will try to publish it in Italy.

As for husbands, look at the bright side: I’m married for the third time, so… there is always hope:-)

Hope spring eternal…eh, Nadya? :smiling_imp:


Thank you very much for the insight to your new novel! Since I guess an Italian version is to be expected, I’ll await for it. It is very promising.

When I read Joseph Roth’s Hiob, the episode in the Russian administrative office had a strong smell of the same offices I know very well here in Italy. I understand where your irony comes from, and I guess it can be called vaccination or prolongued exposition!


I tried to post some images but they all came with the right side cut off. Pity HTML is not allowed.

So, links.

Moscow International Open Book Festival:

Me talking about my book in Moscow:

And in Saint-Petersbourg:

Book signing in Saint-Petersbourg:

Many thanks again for your support!

Nice to see you are keeping the cogs well lubricated :wink:

Yes, the publisher was quite generous with wine.

If the foe is Italian Bureaucracy, I am hooked already, because what could be our heroine’s chance of success? Plot spoiler alert. Tangenti!

Congratulations, Nadya.