the 0.2.9 beta is so unstable i gave up and am using my mac

Dear Windows Developer(s),

This doesnt qualify as an official bug, but all i can say is that i have followed the directions to the letter about tghe known problems with creating and reopening projects and all i van say is that i hope the windows version is done soon and the current problems are all resolved otherwise i wasted $1400 on a VAIO that i should have kept saving for a new mac because Scrivener encompasses more than 87% of my computing time and the windows version under 64 bit windows professional crashes more than it works - maybe its just my bad luck but ive had such HUGE issues with working on the two novels and the blog entries for a website that i spent the money on a new battery for my ancient first gen macbookpro and have been using that full time in the hope that the windows version will finally come of age after oct. 1st and i can return to using my 46" TV as a monitor… otherwise im going to sell the vaio for what i can get drain my savings account and pray that the 17" macbookpro for 2011 has an HDMI port and can plug into my TV as a main monitor with the lid closed without nuking itself.

IN SHORT: under the right circumstances (apparently using a VAIO with 8 gig of RAM and 8 processing threads with a dedicated 1GB Nvidia graphics card) the 0.2.9 beta crashes so much that its not usable. and i get no other indications that there is anything wrong with the machine. i thought that maybe the fact that I started using the HDMI port and my TV might have something to do with it but it makes no difference whatsoever. when i first started using 0.2.9 everything was fine. i know that you cant help me fix what i cannot peg as something that changed – but im not kidding when i say that it worked fine with no problems at all for like 30 days and then it simply stopped working. Can anyone offer a guess as to when the windows version will exit beta altogether? Im ready and waiting to pay… until then im not moving from the mac versioin – im scared to death of data loss and have made far too much progress in the past 90 days… my mac is old but i got a new battery and am confident she will keep me going until the beta is over and Scrivener for Windows is a reality. and i hate to even think of it but if it comes down to it ill get a loan and buy a new mac if i have to – because theres no way im returning to life BEFORE scrivener.


p.s. are the windows and mac scrivener file types meant to eventually be totally compatible or not?

I run the windows version on 32 and 64 bit systems so it appears to be more your setup than scrivener.

Also, there are many threads regarding scrivener file Mac/Win compatibility.