The Act of Working : Its Habits and Tics

The recent transition from an antiquated laptop to one with more modern features has led to changes in outlook and a rediscovered comfort with Scrivener. A central element driving that rekindling was a touchpad that made touching it allowable, more inviting. I tend to use it almost exclusively, with the exception of a little online chess which can necessitate a fast reaction that a mouse delivers, while shaky fingers cannot under time pressure.

That being said, a regular occurrence during compositions is the cursor haunt. Once the point of insertion is pinpointed and the gentle tap, click, or gradually increasing pressure on the touchpad ensures it remains precisely where selected, it is quite common to push forward with the insertion. Right on top of the cursor left hovering there. The distraction is immediate and often of halting impact, having to move it out of view to not obscure a portion of the work as it visually leaves the fingertips, becoming the cursor traveling along uninvited with each letter. I now practice sweeping it away after placement.

My confession. Yours?