The Agony of Changing Font with Compiler

Welcome to my Kafka nightmare. I would like to change the font of text in the project I compile. So I ask literature and latte. They say to click the font under SECTION LAYOUTS on the compiler window. Fantastic, if there was a font listted under section layouts. There is not. Looks amazing on youtube, just click and font away—but no. It doesn’t exist.

So maybe i have to “duplicate format and edit?” and change my own format template? Okay. And yes, there does appear to be format options! Celebrate.

But no, I may only change the fonts for page number, title page, chapter number, chapter heading, chapter heading bordered chapter title, sub-heading…

The list goes on for forty things but at no point can I change the font of the pages of text in my book.

I’m going to jump out my window, but if anyone sees this in time, please reply to my cat.

You need to check “override text and notes formatting”
then click in the demo text.

You’ll have to tweak it for all of the section layouts used in your project. (Top section of my screenshot.)

Alternatively, if you want to change absolutely all of your content’s font (to a single font for the whole), you can globally do it here :

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
If I’m too late, at least aim for the bushes.



  1. There is a Font override pop-up menu on the main Compile window. It is at the top of the central section. Pick your desired font there and done. Simple!

  2. If you are not seeing that, it is probable that you are compiling to a file format that does not give you font control.


‘determined by section layout’!!! you just changed my life :slight_smile:

Nice to hear! The last guy got a nasty lashing by the shrubbery and we were really only able to save the cat.