the app is rejecting my name/serial no AGAIN

i bought scrivener last september

i have not used it since

i have just gone to it and opened th app in order to uipdate it

and i get for my troubles the rejection of my name and serial no

and i seem to recollect this happening before

i can send you all the info you require, but i want the app to accept the info and then it will RETAIN IT


If you bought the application in September, then you’ve likely got a licence for the old version, and so if you just upgraded to 2.x, that would explain why you are being asked for registration information again—it’s a entirely new major version. The good news is that since you bought Scrivener right before 2.x was released, you are eligible for a free upgrade. Just follow the link titled “Upgrade from 1.0” on the main Scrivener page, insert your e-mail address, and you should get a coupon added to your cart that sets the price to zero. Check out with that, and you’ll get a new invoice for your records with a new number which will work in the latest version.

that was very strange indeed, and i guess when i bought this and tried a little bit after purchase, version 2 was out and i got into the same problem

i seem to also remember that, like this time, it was taking a very loooong time to get online to this forum and i must have given up, and then not bothered until yesterday



Yeah, we get a little slow from time to time when a release comes out, and we got really hammered when 2.0 came out, as I’m sure you can imagine. The site was actually down for about a quarter of a day if I recall (though my state of anxiety might have dilated my sense of time, heh). We’ve upgraded the hardware since then, so things should not be quite so unstable in the future.

Anyway; enjoy the new version!