the "author's photo"

I would like to insert a photo in my “About the Author” file and see that compiled for ebooks but I have not had any success doing so. Did a few searches here to see if the question had been asked, but… so, I’m asking. THANKS!

Could you clarify what you’re doing, exactly, what results you’re expecting? You should be able to insert an image into a text document and compile that for ebook formats, so I’m not sure where this is falling down in your process.

A small photo copied into a file/text doc under the folder “About the Author.” Compiled as-is and all I saw was a little camera symbol (no image) in the .mobi file.
BUT, when I used Windows Explorer to locate the JPG file and then did copy/paste from there (meaning, I didn’t copy an image of the displayed image, I copied the actual image file, pasted that into the text, and Eureka! It showed up on the .mobi author page.
THANKS for invigorating my thought process!