The big beta release history post to reassure newcomers...

I’m posting this to provide some historical perspective on release dates versus beta expirations. This is in no way a complete list of complaints or worries posted by newcomers, but hopefully it’ll provide the needed perspective to mitigate future drama.

At the first link, scroll down to the DEC 22, 2017 post to see a history of when the releases occurred. Below that are a few of the posts by those who are unfamiliar with Lit & Latte’s track record with regard to beta expirations.

I leave it to someone else to compare the dates of expiration that prompted those posts with the actual release dates, but I’m reasonably sure that every single beta release has happened before the actual expiration date & time. I think there was one time, for the version 1 beta, that some people, in some time zones, experienced an outage of a few hours when the beta was released too late.

Let this history be a guide to you if you are considering using the Beta for anything other than testing. Judge the lack of responses against your need for reassurances before putting real work, with real deadlines, into this or any beta software.

Signed, your friendly neighborhood forum veteran.

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I think there was once LAP was late with a beta, but it was a matter of hours because it was the middle of the wee hours, his time.