The big secret

If you see someone make an overnight success, you might see her as lucky. But you don’t see years of practice that she devoted each and every day. The key word here is PRACTICE. That is the big secret.

Let’s say that we have two persons Mr Winner and Mr Loser. Both want to exercise, to gain health. Here is how they think.

Mr Winner: After each meal I will take a little walk. That is the practice I do. It doesn’t have to be a long walk, even 2 minutes will do.

Mr Loser: Yeah, I know that I should take a walk, but right now I’m so tired and out of energy. I’ll do it next week and then I will do it properly with at least one hour walk.

So ask yourself, for each and every act, that you are about to do. Is this a practice of something I want to develop as a skill?

Here’s our two friends again with a chocolate in the kitchen.

Mr Winner: Yummy, a chocolate. But I do not want to practice eating chocolates. I’ll throw it away.

Mr Loser: Yummy a chocolate. I know that I should not eat one, but right now I do not feel so well, so I’ll eat it to get some extra energy. When I feel better, I will avoid unhealthy food, and only eat what’s good for me.

Let’s take another scenario. Both our friends want to be writers.

Mr Winner: After the morning coffee, I’ll write for 10 minutes. After dinner, I’ll practice for 10 minutes. Each and every day I’ll practice. Practice makes perfect.

Mr Loser: Someday, I will write a book that will astonish the whole world. People will look up to me and admire me.

If you want to follow the path of practice, read the two books Mini Habits, and The Slight Edge. Those are my two favorite books. And before you take an action, ask yourself: Is this action a practice of some skill I want to nurture?