The Binder Appearance in the Updated Version

I have updated my Scrivener3 to 3.1.5 on my Mac Mojave (10.14.6) and am experiencing trouble about the appearance of the Binder.

The contents of the Binder used to start at the top. Yet in the updated version the upper half of the Binder column is left blank and the titles of the contents begin at the middle of the column. I have tried to move the titles of the contents to the top, yet it does not work.

I created a new project to see what’s happening. Even when creating a new project, the titles in the Binder begin in the middle of the column.

I would like to know if this is taking place in your platform, too. I would appreciate it very much if you could supply some suggestions.

Thank you.

I updated yesterday and amn’t seeing the problem you’re describing. Have you by any chance enabled the hoist binder option? It doesn’t sound like that, but might be worth a look. Go to View -> Outline and select Unhoist binder if visible.

If that isn’t the case, I wonder would a simple restart of your machine help, if you haven’t tried that already?

What IS up at the top? Just whitespace? Is there any sort of divider between the lower and upper areas? Might you have the Collections drawer open (and it has no saved collections in it)?


I thought of that , but even if you have no collections, you should still see tabs for Search Result and Binder. Of course, hoisting the binder shouldn’t leave blank space either, so no harm in checking that option too!

I would try a reinstall from a fresh download, just to make sure nothing went awry with the auto-update. Normally I would suggest a reset of your project’s layout settings, but since you mention it happened with a new test project as well, it’s probably not worth trying that.

Thanks for your suggestions to my query. It looks my problems has been solved. I reported my problem to the Scrivener Support Center, and they promptly responded to me.

They suggested two solutions. One is to show the Collections and move the small space with my mouse. The other is to reset my project’s display settings.

The first one did not work, but the second solution worked. Now I can get back to my work!

I wish to express my thanks to the four members of this forum who responded to my question and offered suggestions. Thank you, again.

You’re welcome, glad the problem is solved.