the case of the cloaking cursor

i’ve asked for thisu feature upgrade from all the major word processor developers and for one reason or another they all turned me down, which i dont understand because its the simplest feature in the world as far as im concerned… but then again im not a coder so perhaps it really is hard - but either way i have to ask because its fundamentally critical now that ive commited to using SCR full time.

…please please please PLEASE consider adding the option to change the default cursor from that bloody narrow line that all the major word processors use these days to a full square – for someone with very high innocular pressure and bad eyesight as a result of really bad stigmatisms in both my eyes its VERY EASY to lose track of the cursor and end up having to spernd ridiculous amounts of time hunting for it because its so incredibly hard to see… it would also be very helpful if you would make it possible for said cursor to also have the option to be totally filled in, with blink or no blink, a slider that would allow users to make it bigger or smaller in realtime, and last but not least – the ability to assign acustom key combination that hilights where the cursor is at any given moment (because even with the square cursor its possible to lose it - especially when your backtracking as much as i have to… i just love writing with all my heart - i never bothered to claim that im any good at it). If all the other frill features prove to be too complicated, just give me the square cursor option – trust me on this one - adding that block cursor would go a long way among members of the disabled community… many of them suffer greatly on a daily basis because they’re forced to use word processing solutions both commercial and opensource alike that refuse to add that feature, thus dooming every last one of them to losing hours upon hours over the course of the average work week because they spend so much time like me hunting for that confounded line.

SCR (as i fondly refer to it precisely because i cant spell for shit and butcher its proper spelling 100000000% of the time) is an excellent product - the best creative writing word processing and asset management application ever created… i can say that because at the age of 15 i made the solemn vow to chase after my lifes dream of landing on the NY Times Best Sellers list regardsless of what it cost me, and as it turns out it cost me plenty. I’ve literally tried thousands of word processors and rinkydink bullshit bottom of the barrel text editors and spent at least $2,000 over the past 12 years since trying to find the perfect tool, and adding my square cursor would finally bring my search to a definitive end. SCR isnt just a good product. Its a life changing product… but for that whole write up look to the other forum topic.

I already paid for my copy of SCR - but if you added my cursor and all the features i asked for that would link to it in one way or another i bullshit you not i would pay for five more licenses if you needed that commitment from me to justify spending the time adding the feature i asked for… and ill close with the following promise - you give me the square cursor i asked for, regardless of all the extra features i tagged to the end, and you have my word i will get every disabled author i know to buy a copy - and as far as the disabled community at large wit internet connections is concerned… im a legend precisely because 90% of the surgical procedures now considered standard options for people with cerebral palsy in the united states were tried out on me with my conscent. again, i bullshit you not.

most respectfully

Have you checked out MacUpdate and Versiontracker? There are many third-party options to do just what you want, and they work across all applications and the system. Simply search for “cursor,” or click for a MacUpdate search.


Thanks ExecutiveEditor for offering a solution. :slight_smile:

I do understand this suggestion, really I do. The trouble is that Scrivener uses the standard OS X text system, and the cursor is in-built (although I believe WriteRoom found a way aroun dit). I sincerely recommend writing a letter to Apple and also dropping them a line at with an enhancement request for this feature. Apple have already announced Universal Access for Leopard, which shows that they want to help those with various impairments, and it may be that you could make a good case to them. If Apple implemented it into their text system, it would be far better than me implementing it - it would mean that it would be available not only in Scrivener, but in every program you used on your Mac… In the meantime, a program such as ExecutiveEditor suggests is probably the best way around this.

Thanks for your feedback and all the best,

Hello, just started using Scrivener and love it - but I too would dearly like a non-blinking block cursor (I often lose the current one, and when I don’t I find the blinking annoying). So I just thought I’d point out that already offers this in its options (I have my Terminal cursor set to a nice fat red square) - is there really no way for other applications to make use of it?

Please download the beta of 1.04 in the Beta Testing forum.

!!! Thank you!

I wrote my first two books in MS Word: have started the next in Scrivener and think it’s completely brilliant. Even more so now. :wink:

Thank you. :slight_smile: The block cursor isn’t perfect as by its very nature it looks a bit odd with rich text (because the character widths of rich text vary). But it should be okay for those who really want it - and you can have a non-blinking cursor without a block cursor.