The Case of the Disappearing Scrivener

I recently had to disconnect two external drives while downloading anti-virus software. When I completed that I tried to launch Scrivener (without first reconnecting the external drives) but noticed that the Scrivener icon in my dock had a question mark on it. When I then checked my Applications list I discovered Scrivener had gone missing. I then reconnected the external drives and the Scrivener icon reappeared in my dock and I was able to launch —but Scrivener is still missing from my Applications. Can someone please explain? Thanks.

You installed Scrivener to one of the external disks.

While those externals are mounted control-click on the latter and choose option>show-in-finder on the pop-up menu. That will show you where your Scrivener app is. On one of your external drives, no doubt, as lunk suggests. (If it is not entirely clear what location the resulting Finder window containing the app is showing you, than command click on the title of the window to see the complete path to the folder in question.) You should probably copy that misplaced Scriv app into your Applications folder.


Appreciate your help but that did not work for whatever reason. I used the search field on the Applications page and found the icon that way. I’ve been having some other strange occurrences recently so … who knows.

Did you search for Scrivener in Finder, searcing This Mac, including the externals?

(what do you mean by ”the Applications page”)