The Case of the Hanging Article

In Screenplay mode, I’m getting lots of hanging (hung to be accurate) "a"s. How do I fix them?

My screenwriting ignorance is coming out. Do you mean that your pages when printed break with a line ending in an article? Scrivener doesn’t provide any layout control for this (widows & orphans, keep-with-next, “Cont’d”, etc.), so you’ll need to handle that post-compile, in Final Draft or in a word processor.

If I’m completely off on the question, could you try again using short, easy words (like “What about lunch?”)? :neutral_face:

Thank you Jennifer for your reply. No, my issue has nothing to do with script formatting. If you look at the first line of your reply you’ll see an “a” hanging there by itself. Typographically that’s not acceptable (having been an editor all my life, and I can’t sleep if there’s one tottering there at the edge of a line). So I hope Scrivener has a secret weapon to shove all "a"s down to the beginning of the next line at the compile stage.

With my browser settings I don’t see that–my first line ends with “break”–which just goes to show the devious nature of different font sizes and zooms. In short, no, there is no control for this in Scrivener; as with the other page layout concerns, this is all something you’ll need to handle after compile using a tool dedicated to the task, such as InDesign.

Thank you Jennifer, appreciate your input have a great weekend.