The circle game

Seeing the problems others have had upgrading and activating, I thought I’d not wait until the last day of my dwindling trial period to give it a try. So far, I’ve been unable to purchase and license the trial 3.0.1 using the upgrade process displayed when Scrivener 3 is first run.

Scrivener 1.9 is installed and activated. Scrivener 3 was installed when it was released and was updated automatically in-app without issue to 3.0.1 when it was released, and has been running since. Here’s what happens when I try to purchase/upgrade.

I click “Upgrade from an older version”.
A “Connection Error” msgbox pops up that says the version of Scrivener is out of date and cannot connect with the licensing servers.
I click OK.
Another msgbox pops up asking for my email and license code (seemingly contradicting the previous error msg.)
I enter those (having confirmed the email is still good)
I click Check for Discount.
It churns for a moment then displays the same “Connection Error” box.
I click OK.
It takes me back to the initial Scrivener Trial window.

I’ve done this a few times now.

The web site says the in app store may not work and suggests that I download the app from scratch. But I’m already running 3.0.1, and the info at the site just seems to promise more circularity.

Should I install it again? Over the current one? Why would it be any different than what’s not working now?

What, other than…:
Options settings,
custom kb,

…should I salvage from the current install before reinstalling (if that is what I should do)?

PS. Can someone please share the secret to how to make lists work in this forum?