The contents of the document suddenly disappeared

I tried to input a reference beside a sentence in a document. So I had the cursor flicker at the place where I intended to input in the document. And then when I clicked annotation in format in the menu bar, suddenly all the contents of the document I typed before disappeared. Then when I clicked ‘format’ in the menu bar to manage this problem, the contents suddenly came back in the document. The same thing happened when I clicked footnote in format in the menu bar. It’s so weird to me. How did it happen? Isn’t it bug?

Sure sounds like one. You are saying the text re-appeared just by clicking on the Format menu, not choosing anything within it?

AmberV, you are right. It happened exactly as you told in version 024

This sounds like a known bug, where toggling annotation or footnote in a document that was typed in Scrivener will cause the whole document text to temporarily vanish until more text is typed. Sounds like you can click and have it reappear as well, but it should all be the same fix, and Lee’s on it. Thanks for the report!