The corkboard for search results (and other binders)

Scrivener for Windows
I have a wish:
When I do a search (e.g. on label) it would be nice to see all the synopsyses of the results on the corkboard just as when you see the synopsyses of all the “childs” of a subject.

I’m not following this request. There is no way to disable synopsis on the corkboard under any circumstances (not that the the corkboard is even really aware of the fact that you have selected items from a search result—it just shows whatever you’ve selected in the sidebar, be that three cards, the contents of a container, or the entire search result list).

I think the op wants to see all the search results on the corkboard.

On the Mac version, you can click on the search results header bar to load them into the corkboard, outliner or scrivenings, but that’s not available on the Windows version yet - it will be coming, though.

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Ah, well you can do that on Windows, there just isn’t a one-click spot. You can press Ctrl-A in the search result list to get a multiple selection corkboard and all search results on it.

Ok, thank you. The All-selection idea works!