The Crystal Key, published after 10 years

I will start with a confession and say I didn’t have Scrivener when I was struggling to get The Crystal Key going. What I had was a wall full of post-it notes. However, Scrivener came into my life at the end and I’m convinced is the reason I am now a published author. I am proud to say The Crystal Key is now available on the Kindle or the Nook (both have Preview available).

Here is a brief snippet of The Crystal Key for you.

Mirah saw only wholesale chaos, a blur of horse and rider within a choking cloud of dust. She’d heard Roenin’s voice over the deafening ringing of steel ordering her to head for Krys. Reason was screaming for her to obey, but she couldn’t simply leave. There had to be a way she could at least turn the odds in their favor. The problem was she had no idea what she could possibly do. As much as it tore at her heart, reason said her only option was to concede and obey Roenin’s order. Taking Rima’s reins firmly in hand, she turned the frightened horse against the on rush of Paladins and began fighting her way out, dodging wild sword swings as she went.

With freedom in sight, a wild, fantastic thought exploded in her mind. Maybe there was a way she could help. Yes, the very idea was beyond preposterous, but she had nothing to lose. Grasping her pendant, the symbol of the protection that had already proven its power, she held it tightly in her hand and cried out, “Deceris, goddess of light and bringer of peace to all who accept your wisdom, I pray now in an hour of great need. Please protect my valiant guardians and myself from those forces that would extinguish your light.” What happened next was something she never would have been able to conceive of, not even in her wildest, most imaginative dreams.

Slowly, yet unmistakably, the very air around her began to glow. The light behind this phenomenon was emanating from her pendant. At first, it was so subtle as to be mistaken for the reflection of distant firelight. Yet, with each passing second, its intensity grew as it spread out in all directions much as a mist rolls in across a lake. Inch-by-inch, it drove back the darkness and dust until the whole of the battle had been literally consumed by its warm amber radiance. It was as the last of the light finished sealing everyone within it, that Mirah noticed something else had taken place, something even more confounding than the light itself; the world had stopped.

High above, the birds frightened from their night perches by the battle, hung motionless, silhouetted against the diminished silver disk of the moon. The tops of trees no longer swayed in the light breeze that blew from the south. Not so much as the rustle of a single leaf or the buzzing of an insect could be heard. Even the thick choking cloud of dust neither rose nor fell. All sense of time had vanished, so when a soft whisper reached her ears telling her to find her guardians and flee this place, she had no idea if it had taken her seconds, minutes, or hours to hear it.

Suddenly, her eyes flew open as if awakening from a deep sleep. This was the answer to her prayer. What she needed to do was crystal clear. Tightening her grip on Rima’s reins, she quickly began working her way through the frozen tangle of horses and men until she reached where the Knights were trapped. One by one, she reached out and touched them, and with that simple act, brought them into the strange surreal world between worlds.

Thank you for reading my post and I hope you both buy and enjoy my first effort.

Thanks bunches again,
Toni (T. L. Howard)