The current line I'm editing defaults to the screen centre

I think Scrivener is brilliant and I use it for most of my word processing but please, please, please give us the option of NOT having to put up with the fact that whenever I do some editing, the line in question, irritatingly, replaces itself in the middle of the screen. Prior to version 2.5, this only happened when in the full screen composition mode, accessed by clicking on the black icon in the Scrivener task bar, which is why I never used that particular mode. However, I still composed in full screen mode accessed via the button at the top right hand corner of the window, because in this mode there wasn’t this irksome obsession of only being able to edit, compose in the middle of the screen. However with 2.5 you have managed to import the preferences in your own full screen mode into the Apple full screen mode, which has proved immensely annoying, as one’s eye has to continually adjust as the bit of text you work on flicks to the centre of the screen. All it needs is a preference but to stop it.

It sounds like you’re talking about Typewriter Scrolling? This has not been changed in 2.5, so perhaps that accidentally got turned on at some point (there is a keyboard shortcut, Ctrl-Cmd-T that might have gotten hit). You can disable or enable it independently for composition mode as well as for the main editor. You thus may be interested to know you can disabled it in composition mode too, if that was the only thing holding you back from using it. The option is located in the Format/Options/ sub-menu.

Thank you for your reply. Turning the typewriter scrolling on and off does not seem to make any difference, the line the cursor is on still jumps to the middle of the screen when I get to the end of the line no matter whether I’ve opted for typewriter scrolling or not. In other words I can’t seem to switch it off.

To be fair, it’s not so much of a bugbear when I am approaching the bottom of the page, as it saves having to manually scroll the page up and the brain expects the composition line to move upwards, but what is annoying is that if one starts to edit a line near the top of the page, the programmes irritatingly repositions the line in the middle of the screen when screen wrap takes effect, or if I hit the return key, and for a split second the eye has to hunt around for where the cursor has got to.

Hmm, that definitely should have switched the behaviour off. It could be that the preference file for the project is jammed up. I would suggest clearing it by going to the File menu, holding down the Option key on your keyboard, and selecting “Close Project and Clear Interface Settings”. Load the project again, and you should be presented with a very default view. You may need to set up a few things again, like outliner columns and splits, but by default typewriter scrolling is off in vanilla settings so the problem should be cleared.

Just before I do what you suggest, I have elucidated the problem a bit further. If I am in Scrivener full screen composition mode (i.e. by selecting the black composition button on the toolbar), then the typewriter scrolling mode activates and deactivates appropriately when i select it. (I suppose I’ve never located this option before because I have always imagined it was a preference rather than a formatting option and therefore have vainly hunted for it in the preference pane). However, it is only when I am in Apple full screen mode that the option does not work and I find myself permanently in typewriter scrolling mode. YET, if I then go into Scrivener full screen mode, from Apple full screen mode, the typewriter scrolling option starts to function appropriately. Could this be a bug? or do I still have to go ahead and do what you suggest, as I loathe to faff around having to reset everything.

Unless we’re doing something slightly different I’m not seeing that behaviour in 2.5 on OS X 10.9. Which version of the OS are you running? You can be passive in these checks by the way. The Window/Layouts/Manage Layouts… menu command will let you save your current window settings and then restore them later after a UI reset. This will not restore everything. There are project specific things that will still be wiped, such as your last edit position in each text file, but it can restore all of the window shape, proportion and even column and index card settings.

Another thing you could passive check for are your preferences in general. It could be there is a bug, but because I’m using a different set of editor settings, I’m not seeing it myself. First, use the “Manage” button to save your preferences as a preset, then hit the Defaults button to the right and try to reproduce the issue. If it goes away, you could send me a copy of the preferences file and I could go from there. If I can get this happening on my screen, we could confirm it as a bug.

As of now though I’m having no problems switching between typewriter and standard scrolling, in Apple Full Screen, Composition, standard window, fixed width left and fixed with centre.

Many thanks. You were right first time. By clearing the preference files, the glitch has gone. Interestingly, I’ve had to clear the preference files for several apps since upgrading to 10.9 - though in those cases it was done via the Library/Preferences route. And do a PRAM/VRAM reset. Did you have those problems - or maybe I’ve just had a slightly glitchy upgrade? Thanks again.

Yeah, project UI preferences are stored inside the project itself rather than the central Library, that is why each project can have its own display settings. Apple’s preference writer has been glitchy for as long as I’ve been using Macs. On no other platform is resetting preferences even something anyone worries about. :slight_smile: Ah well, at least we don’t have a registry! But yeah, we use Apple’s writer for this file and sometimes it just messes things up, which incidentally, is why there is an easy to use menu command.

I haven’t had too many issues with the 10.9 update (beyond what seem to be genuine bugs with the thing), certainly not to the level of having to reset the machine. Hope you manage to get everything balanced out.

I’m afraid the glitch has returned - namely, in Apple full screen mode, the cursor defaults to typewriter scrolling mode, despite the option not being selected. No amount of selecting and deselecting the option corrects this. Nor does deleting the preference pane work anymore. This did not happen prior to the upgrade to 10.9. Happily, the glitch does not appear when composing in Scrivener full screen mode. Consequently, I will simply adopt this mode for composing. I presume the problem is down to Apple’s glitchy preference writer, to which you have alluded.

Well there are what seem to be two components to this. On the one hand it shouldn’t just be randomly turning on in standard editing mode. It has always been off by default in standard because, as you point out, it’s not really suited toward non-linear editing—it’s nicer when you’re just typing non-stop then you aren’t always typing at the bottom of the screen, hence it makes more sense in Composition mode. So it’s strange that it is just popping on in standard mode like that. The other problem was where it won’t turn off, which is what sounds more like a preference problem, and seems to be at least in part.

The first part sounds like a bug, though you’re the only to report it, so the conditions that cause it to arise must be very unusual. It may still be worthwhile to send us a copy of your preferences, and a sample project that exhibits the behaviour.

Since this problem has only happened since the installation of 10.9 and because I have encountered preference problems in other applications following this upgrade, and because I am the only person to report this problem, would it be worthwhile re-installing 10.9 or maybe wait for 10.9.1 first to see if that clears it ?

Well, if you are experiencing widespread problems with 10.9 stability and permissions and whatnot, it may be a route you could take, but to be very clear I do not see how the OS version and the success (or lack) of an upgrade would be of any impact on the typewriter scrolling issue. That’s a very specific feature of our software, and the triggering of it on or off does not rely on any system level frameworks or commands. It’s more likely that some strange combination of settings in Scrivener itself is causing the problem, which is why I suggested sending us a copy of your exported preferences and a sample project (this can just be a gibberish project, or a blank one) that demonstrates the problem would be the best way for us to try and see if we can reproduce it on our machines and track the bug down. If we’re lucky that is how it will go down, but it may be the problem only exists on your machine even if we reproduce your Scrivener environment, so I can’t promise anything. So if you can, please send these requested files to our support e-mail address, referencing this thread URL so that the issue can be matched up with whoever gets it. Again, if you can get this to happen in a new blank project that would be ideal, just send us that—but if only happens in your main WIP project, you can create a copy with Save As and turn it to gibberish with a few global search and replace runs, flipping letters around (‘e’ for ‘n’ and so on).

Does ’ a copy of the exported preferences’ mean the saved preset of the preferences?

Yes, if you check the Preferences panel, at the bottom there is a “Manage” button which has an option to “Save all preferences” (not the preset variation, that will just let you store a copy of your settings into that manage menu, so you can quickly flip between sets if need be). Saving preferences will produce a file of all the settings that are changed, so that another person can use that file to load your settings into their copy of Scrivener (through a matching option in the Manage menu). It’s a useful trick to know in general, so you can keep your preferences backed up.

I think I’ve elicited the cause of the problem. It happens when I select two particular zoom modes, using the percentage figures at the bottom of the window. At 110% and 150% the cursor defaults to typewriter scrolling mode and cannot be changed, (this is only in Apple Fullscreen mode, of course). At 100%, 125%, 175% and above the problem disappears. It will be interesting to see if you can reproduce this.

Another interesting event has also just occurred, (Will start another thread if you think it appropriate). Whilst typing a comment (the 12th in this particular passage) on the third line the text moved below the bottom line of the relevant box, so that I could not see what I was typing. The font appeared to be larger, which would account for the text disappearing, as the size of the box did not adjust to accommodate the larger font size. As i continued to type, Scrivener crashed. On repeating the process, the text did not disappear but, peculiarly, on each keystroke, the font vascillated between two different sizes. I was able to stop the his happening by performing a save.

Thanks! That worked for me on my computer. I’ve relayed instructions to the developer and hopefully it can be seen on his machine as well. For me it was not constantly. It only happened some of the time after I clicked to a new spot and started typing. Most of the time it would act the way it should. I also noticed that when it did happen, it was only a bit like the actual Typewriter Scrolling feature. In fact it was more precisely like what happens if you scroll the cursor out of view and then type—it will snap back into view and in such a way that perfectly mimics the problem here, which is of course that sometimes it scrolls when the cursor is already visible.

Anyway, that explains why the problem went away after you reset the UI settings, since that would have reverted things back to 100%. So for now use one of the other zoom sizes. Hopefully this isn’t a universal 10.9 bug that cannot be fixed.

On the second problem, since zoom was responsible for one issue already, have you tried seeing if the comment bug goes away at 100%?

OMG Hello from 11 years later - I’m encountering this EXACT SAME PROBLEM. Duplicated with view sizes. It gets stuck in typewriter mode (so distracting) and then I have to Close Project and Clear Interface Settings. When I reopen it’s fine, but on 110% view it’s stuck again.
This is such a strange bug and it’s been here for 11 years - any chance anyone from Lit & Latte able to reproduce and add to a defect list to fix? Thanks.

There’s not a lot of common code between the 2013 and 2020 versions of Scrivener, so it’s probably not the “same” bug.

What version of Scrivener do you have, and with which version of Mac OS?


Hello. Yes, it’s amazing that this problem is still around. I encounter it every day. My workaround is to set the Zoom value to 111% in the Other option.

That’s strange, as I thought this was fixed a long time ago. The underlying bug is an arcane one in Apple’s text system, but this is the first I’ve heard that anyone is still encountering it - it’s fixed for me (I can reproduce it when removing the workaround code, but not otherwise).